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Bessie, Queen of the Sky

Bessie, Queen of the Sky
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Queen Girls is a collection of stories of real women turned into fairy tales. Their mission is to inspire young girls to follow their dreams and envision them as possible.

One for One. Book for Book. Every time you purchase a book, another will be donated to local and international organizations that are empowering girls and fighting illiteracy.

The first fairy tale of the Queen Girls Collection, ‘Bessie, Queen of the Sky’ is inspired by the story of Bessie Coleman, the first black woman to hold a pilot’s license in the world. When Bessie was growing up, no one could have imagined that a girl from a humble family would get out of the cotton fields and become a pilot. But with the help of her best friend Bloony, Bessie used her courage and determination to make her dream come true!

Authors: Andrea Doshi & Jimena Durán

Illustrator: Chiara Fabbri

Dimensions 8 x .25 x 8 inches

Weight 15 ounces

Pages 36

Ages 4-8

Publication date March 1st, 2017

13 digit ISBN 978-0-9985047-0-4

10 digit ISBN 099850470X



I am so delighted to be able to introduce my children to Bessie, Queen of the Sky from Queen Girls. This remarkable new publishing company speaks to the hearts of so many parents who want inspiring stories for their daughters (and sons!) of remarkable women. The creators have taken stories from real life and turned them into fairy tales that will attract young readers. (Note: the heroines of these stories are queens, not princesses!) The poetic writing and and whimsical illustrations do have that magical quality of fairy tales, drawing the reader into a story about a character – the first African American female pilot – who is both larger than life and infinitely relatable. We adore this book and look forward to more from Queen Girls! ~Leanna

As an educator working with elementary students who have English language deficits as well as mild to severe disabilities, I am thrilled to see a series such as Queen Girls hit the shelves! The basis behind Queen Girls is to educate students about historical figures who beat all odds in order to follow their dreams. Having this book in my classroom has been a great tool to remind students that I work with who are living with their own struggles that anything is possible. While reading, my students also were able to work on answering comprehension questions, re sequence events and make predictions. Not only is 'Bessie, Queen of the Sky' educational but it is also highly entertaining and engaging for children with its creative illustrations. It is also a plus that the company is donating texts to organizations that are fighting illiteracy and working on empowering young women. I am so looking forward to seeing what Queen Girls will come out with next - I know that their possibilities are endless! - Jennifer Palmer

A wonderful autobiographical story written in fairy tale form. Filled with beautiful illustrations inspire children to fulfill their dreams no matter what their current circumstances or obstacles that come in their way. Bessie’s life was far from easy, but she kept pushing for her dream. Bessie is such an inspiration and ‘Bessie, Queen of the Sky’ is a winner for young readers. - Christine Suarez