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Greek Mythology for Students : Single DVDs

Greek Mythology for Students : Single DVDs
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10 Volumes to Choose From
Grades 4-8
23 minutes each

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Thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks created a wealth of compelling stories to explain the mysteries and complexities of the world around them. These myths were embellished and changed by storytellers over time to include the legends of heroes, monsters and gods that continue to fascinate and inspire us today! Greek Mythology for Students is an animated video series that captures the drama of these stories and illustrates the ancients' beliefs about the wonders of the universe. Each show is enhanced by an informative on- camera host who helps highlight some of the common mythological themes threaded throughout ancient culture and history, and shows students how these powerful myths still relate to our lives today.

Volumes in series to choose from include:

One can look at the night sky as a picture book containing the images of some of the best known monsters, heroes, and characters of ancient mythology. Constellation Myths recounts a few of the tales that the ancient Greeks and Romans composed around star formations as they searched for clues about life here on Earth. While we no longer believe that the stars necessarily influence our lives, the stories of the constellations and other planetary objects stay with us today! This program presents the exciting tale of the great hunter Orion, and explains his placement in the heavens along with his faithful hunting dogs and the animals he hunted - and who hunted him! In addition, students learn of the origins of the bear constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor and of the vanity that put a queen named Cassiopeia high into the heavens.

Many ancient myths were stories designed to warn people against poor judgment and excessive pride or hubris. Those who dared to cross the gods, compete with them, or question their authority did so at great peril. In Defying the Gods, students will see the tales of Arachne the boastful weaver & Athena, Daedalus & his foolhardy son Icaraus, Prometheus the Titan who gave the gift of fire to mankind and Pandora, Zeus' gift back to humanity, each in its own way, illustrating the often fatal consequences of such behavior.

The myths of ancient Greece were passed down by word of mouth, over thousands of years, often changing over time. These legendary tales revolved around a family of immortal gods who, while incredibly powerful, had some very human characteristics - complete with petty resentments, wounded egos, and frequent quarrels that erupted into larger-than-life dramas. In The Gods of Olympus, students will observe the creation of the universe from chaos, learn how Zeus became the king of the gods and examine life on Mt. Olympus, the home to Zeus and his family of Olympian gods. This title provides an overview of the major characters in Greek mythology and sheds light on their relationships with each other and with humans.

The oldest heroic epic in Greek mythology, the tale of Jason and his crew of Argonauts sets the pattern for all the hero myths that follow. Jason & the Golden Fleece is the tale of an epic voyage filled with dangers and pitfalls that serve as a test of Jason's bravery, intelligence and physical strength. Join Jason on his ship, the Argo, as he embarks on an impossible quest to retrieve the magical skin of a golden ram and in the process defeats the evil harpies, matches wits with the cunning King Aeetes and is befriended by the mysterious Medea.

In Greek mythology, brave Odysseus ruled the kingdom of Ithaca with his clever and beautiful queen Penelope. After leading his troops to victory in the Trojan War, this revered hero begins a long and treacherous journey home, an "odyssey" recounted in Homer's epic poem of the same name. In The Journeys of Odysseus, students discover how Odysseus learns to overcome adversity, and his own weaknesses, in his adventures with the dreaded Cyclops, the mischievous Circe and a terrifying sea creature known as the Scylla to find his way back home to his kingdom and family.

The legend of Heracles originated thousands of years ago with stories of a mighty hero who continually confronted danger and possible death, but in the process, gained everlasting fame and glory. Better known by his Roman name Hercules, Heracles is perhaps the most famous of all the classic heroes. Even though his father is Zeus, the greatest of gods, Heracles still struggles and suffers like a mortal at the hands of the devious goddess Hera and the evil King Eurystheus. The Labors of Heracles provides viewers with a thrilling account of some of the impossible tasks this muscle-bound demigod completed to atone for his earthly mistakes.

The ancient Greeks were fascinated with the mysteries of nature, and storytellers often attempted to explain natural phenomena through the tales they created. In Nature Myths, students learn the mythical rationale behind the cycle of the seasons through the story of Persephone who must return to the underworld each year, causing winter. Viewers discover the origin of the sound of an echo and learn how the beautiful flower narcissus was born from a young man's vanity. Also included is a story of Helios, the sun god, and the daily passage of the sun which includes an explanation of how deserts, volcanoes and icecaps came to cover the landscape of the earth.

The ancient Greeks believed that their lives were controlled by the fates. But how a person arrived at his or her destiny was another matter - both free will and the influence of the gods played major roles in shaping a person's life. Case in point - Perseus, whose tale is of a young man who struggles to fulfill his own fate with the help of the powerful goddess Athena. Perseus & Medusa chronicles this hero's quest to pursue the head of a hideous Gorgon whose terrifying stare could turn men to stone!

Theseus was a mortal who got very little help from the gods. Yet because he left the comfort of his village to take on a life of great challenges, danger and tremendous responsibility, Theseus is widely considered one of the most popular of the ancient heroes. Theseus & the Minotaur charts the adventures of this heroic character - from his rise out of obscurity all the way to the throne of Athens. Viewers join Theseus as he makes his heroic decision to take on King Minos, the ruler of Crete, and the deadly Minotaur.

In The Trojan War, students will be fascinated by a vivid retelling of scenes from Homer's legendary epic poem, The Iliad, that reveals the story of a war between the Greeks and Trojans in which the gods of Mount Olympus took sides. Viewers learn of a squabble among goddesses which was judged by a shepherd named Paris and which resulted in the famed Trojan War. Learn of the beauty of Helen, the fatal weakness of brave Achilles and the mystery of the fabled Trojan Horse.