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Could You? Would You?

Could You? Would You?
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Price: $12.95
Product ID : km-9781933605456



"Could you learn every language in the world? Could you run an all-night race? Could you recognize your family with your eyes shut? What is the best thing about you?"

A uniquely charming book of questions and possibilities to get readers laughing, thinking, talking, drawing, writing and exploring the world.

Author: White, Trudy
Illustrator: White, Trudy

Country of Origin: Australia

Ages: 5 - 9
Themes: Imagination, Non-Fiction


"...a book of questions to get kids laughing, thinking, talking, drawing, writing and exploring the world...illustrations are whimsical...questions are clever." - A Readable Feast

"...questions and drawings from the silly to the serious that will stir up your imagination or have you pondering your life...on my list of books to encourage kids to write." - proper noun

"...inspires children and adults to look more closely at the world around them. While published as a children's book, Could You? Would You? is for everyone. It inspires writers to think, artists to look more closely at their surroundings, and everyone who has ever dreamed to discover what makes them unique." - Suite 101

"Whimsical pictures, questions and ideas provoke readers to use their imaginations and explore beyond the familiar." - Yellow Brick Road

"...great title to use as a prompt for encouraging children to write- or to just explore and wonder about the world around them." - Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

"...sets out to get kids' imaginations humming. Line drawings on pastel pages depict the familiar and the strange, helping to create a dreamlike feel." - Publishers Weekly

"...a starting place for thinking or discussing everything from the mundane and ordinary to the extraordinary." - Becky's Book Reviews

"This is a book full of questions - wonderful fantastic questions to get kids (and grownups) thinking about all the possibilities and choices and options that we encounter in life everyday...seemingly meaningless questions that you might never think to ask because they seem too obvious, these are in fact exactly the sort of things that kids love to discuss. This book does not have to be read from cover to cover, it is great to flick through and just happen upon something that catches your eye." - Whip Up