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Dream Catcher
Product ID : R42280
Unit Price: $22.99
Super Simple Kirigami
Product ID : R15218
Unit Price: $12.50
Henna Design Rubbing Plates
Product ID : R48237
Unit Price: $9.99
Down Under Paper
Product ID : R15283
Unit Price: $7.99
Down Under Paper is inspired by original Aborigine design tradition.
The Kids' Multicultural Art Book
Product ID : ip-9780824968083
Unit Price: $12.99
Explore traditions from all corners of the earth while crafting their own art...
Human Paper Shapes Kit
Product ID : r51450
Unit Price: $13.99
40 full bodies, 50 faces, 35 hands and 35 feet
Around the World Paper Collection
Product ID : r15199
Unit Price: $15.99
A complete set of gorgeous papers perfect for a multitude of beautiful ethnic...
Global Village Craft Papers
Product ID : r15253
Unit Price: $6.99
Fancy patterns based on cultural motifs
Flag Designer
Product ID : r52035
Unit Price: $7.99
Pre-cut card stock flag shapes.
Face Forms
Product ID : r52009
Unit Price: $15.99
5 ethnically diverse faces for 3-D self-portraits.
Face Pad
Product ID : r51449
Unit Price: $7.59
Make funny faces, favorite characters and self-portraits.