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All Families Are Special

All Families Are Special
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Author Norma Simon
Age Levels 5-8, Grades K-3, 32 Pages, 10.75" x 8.5", Illustrations: Full color

When Mrs. Mack says she will soon be a grandmother, her students realize that teachers have families just like they do! Suddenly everyone in the class wants to share information about his or her own unique family. Sarah tells of flying to China with her parents where they adopted her sister, Rachel. Christopher tells about his parents' divorce. They are still a family, but now he and his brother spend a few days every week at their dad's apartment. Nick lives with his parents, five siblings, and his grandparents—they need to order three large pizzas for dinner! And Hannah tells how she loves to garden with her two mommies. All Families Are Special enhances Norma Simon's classic All Kinds of Families and her more recent All Kinds of Children. Her newest book provides contemporary examples, including blended and international families. Children will be pleased to find families similar to their own here, and to talk about what Mrs. Mack says—"No two families are the same, but every family is special."

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