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Special Needs

Waiting for Benjamin
Product ID : aw-9780807573648
Unit Price: $15.95
A Story about Autism
Ian's Walk: A Story About Autism
Product ID : aw-0807534816
Unit Price: $6.95
Pick of the Lists
This is not so much a story about autism as it is a...
Kids With Special Needs
Product ID : lw339
Unit Price: $11.95
An invaluable resource for teaching kids with learning, physical and ...
On Being Sarah
Product ID : aw450
Unit Price: $14.95
Sarah, 12, is confined to a wheelchair, with limited movement and no speech,...
ABC For You And Me
Product ID : aw0-8075-0101-8
Unit Price: $15.95
Children with Down syndrome will be delighted to see a reflection of...
When Learning Is Tough: Kids Talk About Learning Disabilities
Product ID : aw892
Unit Price: $13.95
Eight children speak up about their learning problems and their livesby and...
The Memory Box
Product ID : aw917
Unit Price: $6.95
In recent years, there have been a number of books about children dealing...