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A Sled Dog for Moshi

A Sled Dog for Moshi
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Jeanne Bushey
Illustrated by: Germaine Arnatauyok

The young Inuit child Moshi longs for a pet dog like the one owned by her friend Jessica. Moshi's father explains that the puppies that Nuna, their missing sled dog, is expecting are work dogs not playthings. While out walking, Moshi and Jessica are surprised by a sudden whiteout. Nuna finds the children and leads them to shelter in a small shed, where the dog is keeping her puppies. While the girls huddle with the pups, Nuna runs off, soon returning with rescuers. Praised by her father for thinking "like an Inuk" to survive the snow, Moshi happily chooses a pup:deciding she would rather have a sled dog than a pet.

Born in the United States, Jeanne Bushey, along with her husband and two daughters, set out for Iqualuit in 1973 and later moved to Yellowknife. She has been a kindergarten teacher and also has an interest in drama. She began writing original scripts for her own productions and co-founded the Mildred Hall Drama Festival.

She turned her talents to writing stories and articles for magazines such as Children's Digest, Learning Magazine, Today's Parent and Parenting Magazine. Jeanne Bushey has written several children's books, including; The Polar Bear's Gift, Orphans in the Sky and Holiday Hang-Ups (an activity guide). Although she has now moved to coastal British Columbia, she hopes to keep the events of her life in the Arctic alive in her writing for years to come.

Germaine Arnaktauyok is renowned for her talents as an illustrator and master printmaker. The daughter of carvers Therese Nattok and Isidore Iytok, she started to draw on any material available while still a young girl in Igloolik. When she was sent to residential school at Chesterfield Inlet at age nine, she met a nun who gave her art lessons. Germaine sold her first painting at age 11. The ideas for Germaine's work stem from traditional Inuit legends and from living and witnessing the unique lifestyle of her people.

10 x 8, 32 pages, Trade Paper

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