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You Are Important: Series of 7 Board Books

You Are Important: Series of 7 Board Books
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Winner, 2009 Teachers' Choice Award

The You Are Important series of board books lets very young children know they are Beautiful, Brave, Creative, Friendly, Healthy, Helpful and Important. There's a book for each trait, with words and pictures drawn from children's everyday lives. “You are beautiful when you help bake and clean up after.” “You are brave when you let friends play with your toys.” “You are creative when you touch your toes to your nose.” “You are friendly when you hold an animal gently and pet it softly.” “You are important because you were born and became a part of our family.”

The message of each book, and the series as a whole, is that every child is precious and valuable.

Ages Baby through Preschool. Set of 7 board books, each full color illustrations, 6" x 6", 24 pages.

Also sold separately.

Review from Children's Literature:

“Featuring books about love, friends, family, self-confidence and other such positive topics for children, the “You Are Important” series is a welcome addition to a public library's collection. The first book in the series shows parents expressing their love and support for their children. The children are told all of the reasons why they are important, and they are praised for the wonderful, courteous and simple things they do each day. Each sentence is accompanied by a lovely illustration. The final page reads: “You are important because I get to hug you and tell you 'I love you' every day” while the picture shows a young father smiling as he holds his bright-eyed daughter after a swimming lesson. This page sums up Snow's message of everyday love and affirmation beautifully. Each of Snow's books features a diverse cast of characters and an encouraging message of self worth for young readers.” Reviewer: Meagan Albright

Review from Arlington Independent School District:

“[This] series does a great job including children from a variety of ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds.”

Review from Midwest Book Review Children's Bookwatch:

“As entertaining as they are wholesome...these sturdy little storybooks are perfect for teaching young minds how their own very special qualities are to be found in their ordinary daily lives. Melodee Strong's brightly colored illustrations perfectly combine with Todd Snow's thoroughly 'kid friendly' text. An ideal and enthusiastically recommended addition to family, preschool, day care center, kindergarten, and community library collections.”