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Multicultural Kids

Beautiful Rainbow World - 10 pack
Unit Price: $129.50 $80.00
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Beautiful Rainbow World (buy 2 get 1 FREE! + FREE* Shipping!)
Unit Price: $38.85 $25.90
Colorful World board book
Unit Price: $8.99
It's a colorful world, it's a beautiful world that we live in...
Beautiful Rainbow World
Unit Price: $12.95
A bright, soul-filled photography book of global children!
The Sandwich Swap [Hardcover]
Unit Price: $16.99
Two girls from different cultures swap sandwiches.
The Peace Book [Hardcover]
Unit Price: $15.99
On each page, Parr features a different definition of peace.
God's Dream [Hardcover]
Unit Price: $17.95
A wonderful book that celebrates a child's spirituality through any faith...
Let There Be Peace On Earth
Unit Price: $16.95
A collection of world prayers for peace with beautiful illustrations.
Call Me Okaasan: Adventures in Multicultural Mothering
Unit Price: $15.99
Women around the world ponder the unique joys and challenges of raising...
Whoever You Are
Unit Price: $3.99
This book tells a story that weaves its way around the Earth.
What Are You?: Voices of Mixed-Race Young People
Unit Price: $19.95
A thoughtful collection of interviews, essays, and poetry, over 40 young...
Part Asian, 100% Hapa
Unit Price: $19.95
A collection of portraits celebrates the faces and voices of mixed-race...
Mixed: Portraits of Multiracial Kids
Unit Price: $19.99
A collection of portraits celebrates the faces and voices of mixed-race...
Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be At Home in the World
Unit Price: $15.99
In today's increasingly interconnected world, how do we prepare our children...
Amy's Travels
Unit Price: $11.99
Discover the seven continents as Amy travels around the world.
The Kids' Multicultural Art Book
Unit Price: $12.99
Explore traditions from all corners of the earth while crafting their own art...
I HAVE A DREAM BY DARIA - World Music for Children
Unit Price: $15.95
Inspiring Multi-cultural music for all ages. Hear songs from South Africa,...
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