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Multicultural Kids

Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun
Product ID : kim-kim9128
Unit Price: $14.95
This CD offers multicultural awareness and rhythmic activities using rhythm...
Simplified Rhythm Stick Activities
Product ID : kim2015cd
Unit Price: $16.95
Children perform basic rhythm stick activities. Develops motor skills and...
A World Of Parachute Play - CD & Manual
Product ID : kim9146cd
Unit Price: $16.95
It's fun to travel the world with a parachute! Folk songs from many countries...
Children's Folk Dances - CD & Guide
Product ID : kim9149cd
Unit Price: $12.95
A cross-cultural collection of popular and unusual folk dances covers the...
Joining Hands With Other Lands - CD
Product ID : kim9130cd
Unit Price: $16.95
Winner of 3 awards
Reach across the world and introduce children to...
Hands Around The World
Product ID : ip-0913589659
Unit Price: $12.95
In 365 days of activities, games, food, arts & crafts, writing, music, tear...
Somewhere Today: A Book Of Peace
Product ID : aw0-8075-7544-5
Unit Price: $6.95
Somewhere in the world each day, people just like you are acting in kind,...
All Kinds Of Children
Product ID : aw0-8075-0281-2
Unit Price: $16.95
All children need food and clothes, all like to run and play, all want to...
We Can Get Along: A Child's Book of Choices
Product ID : fs1-57542-013-9
Unit Price: $9.95
Simple words and inviting illustrations teach children how to get along with ...
Black, White, Just Right
Product ID : aw0-8075-0785-7
Unit Price: $12.95
Narrated by the daughter of an interracial marriage"by moving beyond physical...