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Rivka's First Thanksgiving

Rivka's First Thanksgiving
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By Elsa Okron Rael
Ages 5-9

More than anything, Rivka wants to celebrate Thanksgiving. She has learned all about the holiday in school and knows her family has a lot to be thankful for in America. But Rivka's parents are Jewish immigrants from Poland, and they wonder what Pilgrims and Indians have to do with them. Is Thanksgiving really a holiday for Jews? Rivka's grandmother, Bubbeh, decides to take over. She will bring Rivka to see the Rabbi Yoshe Premingerand whatever the Rabbi concludes, Rivka will have to live with. Rivka knows that Thanksgiving is a holiday for all Americans, from all backgrounds and religions. But how can she convince the esteemed Rabbi Preminger? Rivka's story teaches us that even the wisest adults have something to learn from children.

Hardcover, 32 pp.

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