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How Yussel Caught The Gefilte Fish

How Yussel Caught The Gefilte Fish
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By Charlotte Herman

Yussel loves gefilte fishthose large, delicious fish balls that Mama serves on Friday night at the Shabbos meal. Early every Friday morning, Papa leaves to catch the fish. And now, finally, Yussel is old enough to accompany him. At dawn they set off, and soon Yussel has caught a fat, gold-colored fish. "Nice and zaftig. It reminds me of your Aunt Goldie," says Papa. But since its not round like a fish ball, Yussel is disappointed it's not a gefilte. And when he catches a trout (lively like cousin Hannah Rose) and a pike (stubborn like Uncle Harry), he's disappointed too. What will they do without gefilte fish for the Shabbos meal?