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U.S. Geography for Children DVD Series

U.S. Geography for Children DVD Series
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13 Volume Set, Grades K-4
23 minutes each

Join Miguel on his exciting adventure across the United States! From the ancient Appalachian Mountains to a swamp called Okeefenokee, from the Grand Canyon to Little Havana, Miguel’s journey takes him from sea to shining sea and everywhere in between. Explore the five U.S. regions and the states within them, along with the U.S. Territories and Commonwealths. Miguel’s travels take him to big cities, small towns, farms, factories, deserts, beaches and national landmarks. Using fascinating footage, interviews and fun maps and graphics, U.S. Geography for Children explores the history, culture, climate and natural resources of states and regions, along with an examination the ever-changing relationship between people and their environment.

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Volumes in Series:

All aboard! Next stop…California! On this trip we will explore California’s varied landforms, taking a trip deep into Death Valley and high-up into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We will travel to Hollywood, movie capital of the world, talk to a seismologist and learn about the history, industry, natural resources and culture of the state, especially the contributions of native peoples and immigrants. We will tour big cities like San Diego, rural areas where people farm, and even visit a real ghost town! Of course, no trip to this warm and sunny state would be complete without a visit to the California coast, and an exciting ride through hilly San Francisco in a cable car! California...here we come!

All aboard! Next stop…Florida! On this trip we will explore Florida’s landforms, taking a trip to the Florida Keys and exploring the vastness of the Everglades. We will travel to Disney World in the city of Orlando, and the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park where people come to dive to view the magnificent multi-colored coral reefs. We will meet local people, visit the John F. Kennedy Space Center, and learn how orange juice is produced. During our trip we will investigate the history, industry, natural resources and culture of the Sunshine State, and journey along the Gulf of Mexico on the Intracoastal Waterway. Of course, no trip to Florida would be complete without a visit to cosmopolitan Miami, where we will soak up the sunshine and Cuban culture!

All aboard! Next stop…Michigan! On this trip we will explore Michigan’s varied landforms; its Upper and Lower Peninsulas, the Great Lakes and its plains. We will cross the Mackinac Bridge, which connects the two peninsulas and travel to Beaver Island, a popular vacation spot for Michiganders. We will learn about the state’s culture, history, natural resources and industry, as we visit a car designer working at General Motors in Detroit, Michigan’s largest city. We will spend some time with local people and also have a look at how breakfast cereal is produced. Of course, no trip to Michigan would be complete without exploring all of the fun outdoor activities available: skiing, skating, ice fishing and hockey in the winter months, and hiking, sailing, camping and canoeing in the summertime.

All aboard! Next stop…New York! On this trip we will explore New York’s landforms, taking a trip under Niagara Falls and up into the Catskill Mountains. We will explore the history, industry, natural resources and culture of the state, especially the contributions of immigrants and native peoples. We’ll take a trip along the Erie Canal, visit many important cities like Albany, Buffalo and Rochester, and rural areas that produce delicious apples and ice cream! Of course, no trip to the Empire State would be complete without a stop in New York City! There we will tour Central Park, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, and also spend some time with a Brooklyn native. We will also investigate the publishing industry to learn how books are published. With so much to see, you won’t want to forget your camera.

All aboard! Next stop…Texas! On this trip we will explore Texas landforms, touring the vast open plains and basins. We’ll travel to the Alamo, the site of a famous battle, spend some time digging up dinosaur fossils with a paleontologist, and learn about the history, industry, natural resources and culture of the Lone Star State, especially the influence of Spanish and Mexican peoples. We’ll investigate how crude oil is drilled and then refined for use, and discover how Texans deal with powerful hurricanes common in some parts of the state. Visits to big cities like Houston and Dallas are scheduled, along with a trip to a ranch. Of course, no trip to Texas would be complete without investigating the lives of real-life cowboys, so saddle up as we ride on the Chisholm Trail!

All aboard! Next stop…the Midwest! We will be visiting the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. On this trip we will visit the Great Lakes and cross the Interior Plains as we learn about the region’s history, culture, industry and natural resources. We will spend some time with a dairy farmer in Wisconsin, and visit Chicago, the region’s largest city. We are also scheduled to see two spectacular sculptures carved into the sides of mountains: Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial! After taking a hot air balloon ride across the farms of the Midwest, we will have some typical Midwestern food, including bratwurst and Swedish pancakes!

All aboard! Next stop…the Northeast! We will be visiting the states of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. On this trip we will explore the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Coastal Plain. We will travel to the megalopolis which contains big cities like Philadelphia and Boston, and also to rural areas that grow corn and potatoes. We will explore the region’s history, culture, industry and natural resources, and learn how maple syrup is produced. On our journey we will meet local people and spend some time with a lobster fisherman. Of course, all of this traveling will make us hungry, so our trip will include sampling some of the region’s best foods: ice cream, cheese, chowder and oysters!

All aboard! Next stop…the Southeast! We will be visiting the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas. On this trip students will see crocodiles and alligators, take a ride on a steamboat down the mighty Mississippi River, and go hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains. Students will also meet local people, hear from a peanut farmer, learn about the history, natural resources and culture of the region, and sample some delicious Southeastern foods like Virginia baked ham and pecan pie! Of course, music lovers will enjoy listening to the blues, country and western and zydeco. With the moderate and often sunny weather in the Southeast, a wonderful time is guaranteed for all!

All aboard! Next stop…the Southwest! We will be visiting the states of Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. On this trip students will explore some spectacular scenery, including the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest. We will also take a roaring raft ride down the rapids of the Rio Grande River, and travel on historic Route 66! Students will meet local people, witness the creation of pottery unique to the Southwest, learn about the natural resources, history and culture of the region, and sample some delicious Southwestern foods like burritos, chili and Navajo Fry Bread! Of course, no trip to the Southwest would be complete without a visit to a cattle ranch to see some real-life ranchers, so make sure you bring your cowboy hat and boots!

All aboard! Next stop…the West! We will be visiting the states of Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Utah. Our schedule includes visits to Old Faithful and Yosemite National Park, where we will see some of the tallest and oldest Redwood trees in the world! We will also spend time with a smoke jumper, a specialized forest fire fighter, visit the city of Denver, and learn how french fries are made from potatoes grown in Idaho. As we travel through the largest region in the country, we will learn about its history, culture, natural resources and industry. After working up an appetite hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail, we will attend a Hawaiian luau!

Join children, Gus and Gwen as they learn about all fifty states and their capitals. From Montpelier, Vermont, to Juneau, Alaska, Gus and Gwen go region by region and provide fun facts and information, including state nicknames, things the states are famous for making or producing, popular recreation activities, and a bit of history. Using colorful footage of the states and capitals, maps to illustrate the capitals within each state, this fast-paced trip from coast to coast provides an exciting overview of regions, states and their capitals.

All aboard! Next stop…the United States! On this trip we will travel from coast to coast exploring mountains, rivers, lakes, canyons and plains as we visit each region of this vast country. We will tour the capital, Washington, D.C., viewing many famous monuments along the National Mall, and travel to historic Philadelphia as we learn about the history of the country. In addition, we will explore the nation’s industry, natural resources and culture, especially the diversity of its people. We’ll discover how laws are made and passed, and visit with a satellite geographer. We will be traveling by canoe, car, plane, train and even horse-drawn carriage, and will be encountering varied climates, from sub-zero temperatures in Alaska, to tropical breezes in Hawaii, so make sure you pack both your sandals and your snow shoes!

All aboard! Next stop…United States Territories & Commonwealths! We will be visiting Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Baker Island, the Howland Islands, Jarvis Island, Kingman Reef, the Midway Islands, Palmyra Atoll, Johnson Atoll, Wake Island, Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands. On this trip students will learn about the significance, history and culture of these Atlantic and Pacific islands. In Puerto Rico students will snorkel among coral reefs, visit a tropical rain forest, and tour the capital, San Juan. They will also fly on a sea plane between islands, so buckle up...landing can be bumpy! Students will meet a diving instructor in the U.S. Virgin Islands, then travel to the Pacific to visit Guam and American Samoa.