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Religions of the World DVD series

Religions of the World DVD series
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6 Volume Set, 50 minutes each
Closed-Captioned, Grades 9 & Up

*For Sale in the U.S. and Canada Only*. Narrated by Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley, Religions of the World offers insights into the striking similarities and vast differences among the world's major religions as well as the unique perspective of its many individual cultures. Each episode presents a fresh look at the history of our world through the eyes of religion as well as an in-depth look at religion's role in creating cultural diversity.

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"A highly educational video recommended for anyone with an interest in foreign cultures and religions." - Today's Librarian

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Titles in the series include:

*For Sale in the U.S. and Canada Only*. Discover the history behind the philosophy that has led millions of followers on a quest for spiritual enlightenment. Through the epic story of Siddhartha Gotama, learn why Buddhists believe the key to "Nirvana" lies within themselves, accessible through thoughtful meditation and prayer.

*For Sale in the U.S. and Canada Only*. Learn how and why Hinduism has survived to be one of the oldest and largest world religions with nearly a billion followers mostly in India.

*For Sale in the U.S. and Canada Only*. Islam is one of the great monotheistic world religions practiced today. Discover the Islamic culture through the daily life and rituals of Muslims around the world. Explore the wealth of Islamic art, architecture, calligraphy and other contributions that have made Islam a vital influence in the 20th century on into the next.

*For Sale in the U.S. and Canada Only*. One of the world's oldest surviving religions, Judaism is both a theology and a way of life for over 12 million followers in the world today. Examine the sacred texts and various holidays, while exploring the two centers of Jewish life - the synagogue and the home.

*For Sale in the U.S. and Canada Only*. From the public ministry of Jesus to the legendary battles of the Crusades, examine the interwoven histories of these two distinct branches of Christianity. Discover the differences between these two orders of religion and the practices of the people of the East and West.

*For Sale in the U.S. and Canada Only*. See how the political, religious and social events of 16th century Europe changed the course of history. Viewers will explore the numerous denominations that developed over the centuries- including Baptists, Calvinists, Mennonites, Presbyterians, Puritans and Quakers. Discover the common ideas shared by most Protestant Christianity groups, despite the diverse range in ceremonial practices and rituals that vary across affiliations.