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Animated Tales of the World: Single DVDs

Animated Tales of the World: Single DVDs
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From South Africa to Singapore to Scotland, travel the world across time and place to experience the stories that have been passed down from one generation to the next for hundreds of years. Animated Tales of the World is a multicultural collection of folktales that includes funny trickster tales, heartwarming stories of romance, cautionary tales in which a valuable lesson is learned and stories of conflict where good must prevail over evil. Each folktale has been carefully chosen, researched and linked to its modern-day place of origin. Through engaging storytelling and animation as diverse as the cultures themselves, you will be captivated by these creative adaptations.

Grades 3-6
15 minutes each
Teacher's Guides Included
Closed-captioned [cc]

*For Sale in the U.S. and Canada Only*.

Tale Options Include (choose below):
Alaska: Raven Steals The
Arabia: The Crown And The Sceptre \t
Armenia: The Shoemaker's Son \t
Australia: Bad Baby Amy
Burkina Faso: The Tyrant And The Child \t
Canada: Timoon & The Narwhal \t
Caribbean: The Chief And The Carpenter
Catalonia: The Manairons \t
China: The Magic Gourd \t
China: The Magic Paintbrush \t
Denmark: The Shepherdess And The Chimney Sweep
England: Cap O' Rushes \t
Finland: The Raspberry Worm \t
France: Ewenn Congar \t
Germany: Frau Holle \t
Germany: The Enchanted Lion
Greece: The Myth Of Persephone \t
Holland: The Tree With The Golden Apples \t
India: The Multi-Coloured Jackal \t
Ireland: Fionn \t
Ireland: The Boy Who Had No Story
Israel: King Solomon And The Bee \t
Japan: Crossing The Snow \t
Mongolia: Shepherd Boy Tumur \t
Namibia: Omuninyan
Norway: The Three Sisters Who Fell Into The Mountain
Pakistan: Podna & Podni
Poland: The Flower Of Fern \t
Poland: The Story Of Flax \t
Russia: The Two Brothers \t
Scotland: The Green Man Of Knowledge \t
Scotland: The Loch Ness Kelpie \t
Singapore: Redhill \t
South Africa: How Tortoise Won Respect \t
South Africa: Ummemo \t
Taiwan: Aunt Tiger
U.S.A.: John Henry: Steel-Driving Man \t
Wales: King March \t
Wales: Merlin And The Dragons

Email us if you need a more detailed description of the tales : info@multiculturalkids.com

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