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Holidays for Children DVD Series

Holidays for Children DVD Series
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22 Volume Set
Grades K-4 (See exception - Remembering September 11th, Grades 4-6)
Approx. 25+ minutes each
Closed-caption [cc]

Welcome to our community center where we celebrate many important holidays from various cultures and traditions around the world. This fascinating video series provides a look at the origins and historical backgrounds of individual holidays, and offers details about how we celebrate and commemorate these important occasions. Holidays for Children combines traditional music, illustrated folk tales, creative animation and interactive arts and crafts segments to give children a sense of appreciation of their own cultural heritage and the cultures and traditions of others.

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"...a wonderful introduction for children to a rainbow of multicultural holidays. A perfect example of quality children's programming." - Billboard

"Three and 1/2 stars...This long-awaited video series which introduces children to holidays in America and around the globe is highly recommended." - Video Librarian

"Focusing on the communal celebration of a number of holidays, this series recognizes the spiritual roots and secular customs of each notable observance...The videos are admirable for their emphasis on family customs and cultural traditions, their inclusion of craft activities, and their downplaying of commercialism...these are welcome videos that don't revisit the well-trod paths of other holiday titles." - Booklist

"Holiday videos are always in high demand, and this multicultural series offers an interesting and informative way to fill this need. Each video has a similar format...mov[ing] briskly from segment to segment, highlighting a nice mix of cultures, activities, literature and information. A useful addition to all collections." - School Library Journal

Volumes in series:
Arbor Day is the perfect time to teach children about the importance of respecting and maintaining the splendor and resources of our environment.

The most important and popular of all Chinese festivals, the ideas of communal awareness and starting anew are taught by honoring Tsun Kwan, the god of the hearth, and the festival of the dragon.

This program explores both the religious and legendary stories of Christmas to help children understand that there is more to the holiday than the department store Santa Claus.

Froehliche Weinachten! Maligayang pasko! These are just two of the ways children learn to say "Merry Christmas" while seeing how Christmas is celebrated around the globe. In Christmas Around the World, join the kids at the community center as they learn how different countries celebrate this important Christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus. This video offers a glimpse of the special foods, objects, songs and stories that people around the world incorporate into their unique Christmas celebrations, and helps students to gain an appreciation for distinctive Christmas traditions worldwide.

Cinco de Mayo (the Fifth of May) is the celebration of Mexico's military victory over the French in 1862. This program highlights the history, preparations, and festivities surrounding the holiday, and features the spirited sounds of a traditional Mexican mariachi band performing Mexican folk songs.

Easter, the most important feast day of Christian religions, is also a celebration for spring and rebirth. In this program, children visit the home of a Polish-American family where they discover the festivities and traditions associated with Easter Sunday.

From campaigning and debates to rallies and voting, this program explains the exciting activities that precede Election Day.

Will we have an early spring or six more weeks of winter? Ask Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog! In Groundhog Day students meet Phil, the famous weather predicting groundhog from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, as they learn about the history of this popular legend. Along with the kids from the community center, students see how this holiday is celebrated and discover fascinating information about the science behind the change of seasons, hibernation and shadows. Through engaging stories and crafts, students get a flavor for what this holiday is really about!

Halloween is known as the holiday of witches, jack o'lanterns and trick-or-treating but its history is much more complex. This program explores several folk traditions from Costa Rica, Mexico and Ireland to explain the origin of traditional Halloween symbols, costumes, the custom of trick-or-treating, and why Halloween is a time to celebrate and honor the memory of loved ones past.

Two Jewish celebrations - Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, and Passover, a celebration of freedom and renewal - are presented to children through illustrated stories, puppets and songs.

The spirit of 1776 comes alive as children learn about the signing of the Declaration of Independence and witness the events preceding it, such as Paul Revere's famous ride through Concord and a historical re-enactment of the colonial era.

Traditional West-African drums, spirited dances, colorful candles and traditional clothes introduce young viewers to the African-American celebration of Kwanzaa. This program explores the seven principles of the Kwanzaa festival: Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work, Cooperation, Purpose, Creativity and Faith in Self.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day commemorates the life of a man who fought for equality and justice for all Americans. In Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, join the kids from the community center as they honor the memory of this amazing man by volunteering their time to serve others. Through stories, songs and crafts, students learn about how this holiday is celebrated, in addition to discovering more about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his role in the Civil Rights Movement. Interviews with volunteers and community leaders emphasize the importance of serving others as a way to celebrate this special holiday.

Memorial Day and Veterans Day are special holidays in America that honor the people who have served in the U.S. armed forces and commemorate all the service men and women who have died to preserve our freedom. Join the kids at the community center as they discover the true meaning of these important days and learn about their history through songs, stories, crafts and interviews with veterans. A visit to Arlington National Cemetery and a local community parade show how people pay their respects and celebrate these holidays.

Many Native Americans from across the U.S. and Canada meet throughout the year at Pow Wows, gatherings where Native American culture and life are celebrated by everyone.

Join the kids at the community center as they pay tribute to the chief executives of the United States of America, our presidents! In Presidents Day, students find out about how this holiday is celebrated today and learn about the history of two of our most famous presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Through stories, songs and crafts, students learn more about how the president is elected, his or her responsibilities, and the nation's most famous home, the White House. Fun presidential facts offer an engaging way for students to learn about the history of the U.S. presidency, honored on this special holiday.

Over one billion Muslim people worldwide observe Ramadan, a month-long religious observance. This program explains the religious significance of song and prayer, and the principles and traditions which mark the holiest of the Islamic holidays.

Teachers will welcome a program that carefully addresses the delicate issues raised by the terrorist strikes on September 11, 2001. The program answers some of the questions of what terrorism is and why the United States was a target. It also heavily focuses on the positive acts that occurred in the days and weeks that followed 9/11/01, including the many heroic acts of bravery that so beautifully depict the American spirit, the revitalized sense of patriotism in the United States and the increased safety measures intended to protect our nation’s airports and airplanes. The program, designed by a team of child development and educational professionals, including a child psychologist, addresses the emotional reactions that children are likely to have.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement and Forgiveness, are the two High Holidays of the Jewish calendar. Children are introduced to the deep religious significance of these holidays through a traditional prayer, a Tashlikh ceremony, folk songs and animated fables.

This exciting program features many popular traditions that celebrate St. Patrick in Ireland, the U.S. and Canada.

Thanksgiving is a time to remember how much we rely upon and are grateful for the earth's bounty. Children learn the story behind the first Thanksgiving celebration, traditionally the American harvest holiday, and they visit Plimouth Plantation.

From Cupid to heart-shaped candy and cards, Valentine's Day is a day for sharing tokens of caring and affection. This program explores the history behind Valentine's Day and explains how certain traditions came to be associated with love and the rebirth of spring.