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Historic Sites of the U.S.

Historic Sites of the U.S.
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Grades 7 & Up
52 minutes
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Closed-captioned [cc]

*For sale in the U.S. and Canada only*. Journey to three of the most vital cultural symbols in the United States, which represent the American ideals of democracy, intellectual freedom and the dream of a better life. Students will visit Independence Hall, the birth place of the United States, and explore Monticello, the architectural masterpiece that captures the enlightenment ideals which Thomas Jefferson brought to the new nation. Next, students will discover the Statue of Liberty and experience the awe that surrounds this most impressive symbol of American freedom. Rich with meaning and significance for the country, these national icons also have far-reaching relevance for the hopes of people throughout the world. From these historic sites, travel to the awesome Grand Canyon, another American icon and one of the most stunning natural wonders on Earth.