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Really Big Field Trip: Turkey

Really Big Field Trip: Turkey
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Join American kids Katia and Thaniel on an 11-day trip to Turkey, visiting historical sites, making new friends, trying new foods, and participating in Children's Day festivities.

Really Big Field Trip is a DVD/web-based educational tool that features:
-A 30-minute travel documentary from the perspective of children.
-Behind-the-scenes footage, extra scenes, commentary, and trip journals that give children additional information about the destination location.
-A booklet of 100 Educational Ideas for teachers and parents to use to extend the learning in the classroom and at home.
-Interactive games, such as "I spy" lists, to enhance children's observations.
-Quizzes to evaluate what children have learned.

Kids and Cultures is a non-profit educational organization that introduces children to world cultures, promoting awareness, understanding, and responsible action as world citizens.

Really Big Field Trip Turkey has been endorsed by Kids First, a program of the Coalition for Quality Children's Media.