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Character & Self-Esteem

The Kid's Guide To Social Action
Product ID : 1-575542-038-4
Unit Price: $13.95
This award winning guide includes everything kis need to make a difference in...
Bullies Are A Pain In The Brain
Product ID : fs1-57542-023-6
Unit Price: $8.95
Practical suggestions and humor help kids become "Bully Proof", stop bullies ...
The Kid's Guide To Service Projects
Product ID : fs303
Unit Price: $9.95
Hundreds of ideas for service projects, from simple to large-scale community...
Kids With Courage
Product ID : fs302
Unit Price: $8.95
Eighteen remarkable kids speak out, fight back, come to the rescue ...
What Do You Stand For? For Kids / A Guide to Building Character
Product ID : fs1-57542-174-7
Unit Price: $14.95
Even elementary school children can build positive character traits like...
We All Sing With The Same Voice
Product ID : hc217
Unit Price: $17.95
"I live across the street, in the mountains, on the beach. I come from...
Tusk Tusk (England)
Product ID : km122
Unit Price: $8.95
"The adorable elephants and their environment make this straightforward ...
Paul And Sebastian (France) - Softcover
Product ID : km120b
Unit Price: $7.95
"In a non-controversial way, the author introduces the universal problem of ...
Paul And Sebastian (France) - Hardcover
Product ID : km119
Unit Price: $11.95
"In a non-controversial way, the author introduces the universal problem of ...
Bein' With You This Way - Softcover
Product ID : ll-1880000261
Unit Price: $8.95
Winner, Parenting Magazine Reading Magic Award
A playground rap that...
We Can Get Along: A Child's Book of Choices
Product ID : fs1-57542-013-9
Unit Price: $9.95
Simple words and inviting illustrations teach children how to get along with ...
What's Right? What's Wrong? A Guide to Talking About Values for Parents & Kids
Product ID : fr001
Unit Price: $15.95
What better way for parents to show their love for their children, than to...