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Sosu's Call

Sosu's Call
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In this inspiring picture book, Ghanaian author and illustrator Meshack Asare tells the story of Sosu, a disabled African boy who saves his village from a life-threatening storm.

Sosu's Call examines the ignorance, fear and unfair treatment that physically challenged children often bear. Villagers shun Sosu; they, believe his weak legs are bad luck. Because the boy doesn't have a wheelchair, he is unable to go to school. Saddened by the constant mocking and inhumane treatment he receives, Sosu believes he will never amount to anything.

Sosu proves his intelligence and ingenuity when a storm hits. He crawls through the village to warn the elderly. Then he finds a special drum that will call the villagers back home from the fields where they work. They reward Sosu's bravery by giving him a wheelchair.

Asare's beautifully illustrated text comes to life with subtly blended watercolors and brushed images that wonderfully reflect the author's African influence. His use of color illustrates the mood of the story. The muted tan washes at the beginning of the book convey the child's despair. The brighter hues by the tale's end illustrate Sosu's happier circumstances.

For young readers ages 6 to 9, Sosu's Call is an important learning tool. The story may encourage parents to discuss tolerance with their kids and help dispel negative beliefs about people with disabilities. The text, originally published in Ghana, won a 2001 IBBY Award for Outstanding Book For Young People With Disabilities.

Written and illustrated by Meshack Asare

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