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My Heart is a Magic House

My Heart is a Magic House
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A new baby is coming and Stephanie Squirrel is worried. She clings to her doll, Rosie, and asks where the new baby will sleep. In our room for a while, then the baby will share your room, her mommy tells her. Little Stephanie is dismayed. A new baby will want all of her things, and all of Mommy's love, too! Stephanie doesn't want to share her food, her toys—and especially not her mommy's love.

But Mommy explains that her heart has a special room for everyone. It has rooms for Mommy's parents, brothers, and sister. It has rooms for Daddy and their pet dog, Buster. And it has a room for Stephanie, too. There will be another room for the new baby, but the room in Mommy's heart for Stephanie will not be smaller. Mommy's heart is a magic house, with love enough for all.

This lovely new-baby book will comfort and reassure older siblings. Julie Jacobs lives in Pennsylvania. Bernadette Pons, who also illustrated Looking for Sleepy, lives in France.

Published 2007

Age Levels 3-6, Grades Preschool-1, 24 Pages, 8" x 10", Illustrations: Full Color

"In this squirrel mother's heart there are many rooms. It's an image that the author freshens and makes her own, notwithstanding its resonances. Here Jacobs uses the concept to explain to a young squirrel, who has a case of the baby-on-the-way collywobbles, that she will always have her mother's love. 'Will you still love me, Mommy,' asks the button-cute little squirrel, getting right to the nub. Her mother explains, in words as comforting and agreeable as Pons's artwork, that her heart grows special rooms for all her loved ones, including the family dogs. 'When the baby is born, there will be another room in my heart. But the room for you will be just as big as it is now.' A pretty picture; still, as any species kid likes the situation to be bell clear, Mother Squirrel gets to her nub: 'I will never run out of love for you! I will love you for ever and ever.' Words sweeter than acorns." Kirkus Reviews

"Brightly colored illustrations show a cozy, cluttered home and a warm, reassuring relationship between the pregnant mom and her child. Like most getting-a-new-sibling books, this one ends happily with Stephanie ready to build a room in her heart for the new baby and maybe share a toy or two. If you need another title in the genre, this one will work nicely." School Library Journal

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