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Kids With Special Needs

Kids With Special Needs
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An invaluable resource for teaching kids with learning, physical and communicative disabilities.

Now for the first time your students can acutally experienced what it's like to have a disability. Through simulations, games and activities, students discover for themselves the difficulties faced by children with disabilities.

- Challenge your students with the obstacle course event, the disability myth game, mirror writing, the finger spelling game and other eye-opening activities.
- Discover famous people with disabilities
- Introduce students to "bibliotherapy' to help them explore sensitive subjects that are difficult to discuss.

This comprehensive 200 page guide helps children develop empathy for others while reducing their own fears and misconveptions about people who seem different. Plus, it introduces students, teachers and parents to major types of disabilities as well as fifteen common health conditions, such as allergies, diabetes and asthma.

- Clear explanations of new legislation, policies, terminology, guidelines and technology related to kids with special needs.
- Up to date information on mainstreaming, inclusion, and developing an IEP
- Practical tips for classroom organization to best accommodate kids with special needs
-Colorful bulletin board and poster ideas.
-Effective activities for adult workshops and parent-teacher conferences
-Extensive resources lists of books, films videos and 800 numbers.

Grades 3-6.

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