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When Conejito (Little Rabbit) begins his school holiday, he goes to visit his Tia Mónica across the mountain. He loves his Tia Mónica—or is it the cakes and cookies he knows she will feed him when he arrives?

But Conejito runs into a few obstacles on the way to his auntie's, including Senor Zorro, Senor Tigre, and Senor Leon. Conejito may want to eat Auntie Mónica's treats, but Mr. Fox, Mr. Tiger, and Mr. Lion want to eat him!

With his own quick thinking and a little assist from Tia Mónica, Conejito outwits his predators and makes his way safely home.

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald Illustrator: Geraldo Valerio


Conejito has free downloadable lesson plans for 4 grades. Each one complies with several Standards for the English Language Arts as specified by NCTE and IRA. You will need the Acrobat Reader to view these files. Go to our Free Downloads section and click on Teacher Guides.

Booklist- GraceAnne A. DeCandido
K-Gr. 3. Tricksters from around the world echo in the character of Conejito, Little Rabbit, who emerges unscathed from a risky journey in this Panamanian folktale. He must go up the mountain to visit his aunt, but how will he evade Senor Zorro (Mr. Fox), Senor Tigre (Mr. Tiger), and Senor León (Mr. Lion)? Clever Conejito stalls, telling them that he is much too skinny (¡Flaquito!) but that when he returns from his aunt's he will be plump (¡Gordito!). Sure enough, Tia Mónica feeds him up until he is "healthy and strong and fat as a butterball," then sends him home with sly advice about how to distract the predators. Rhyming refrains invite the participation of young listeners, who will especially enjoy singing Conejito's special "Tia Mónica Song" to the tune provided, and repeating the smoothly incorporated Spanish words and phrases (for which a pronunciation guide is appended). Valerio's splashy tropical colors and elongated, rubbery characters, often stretching across an entire spread, capture the tale's bouncing energy.

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