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Children of Long Ago
Product ID : ll442
Unit Price: $7.95
Parent's Choice Award Winner
What was it like long ago? What did...
Things I Like About Grandma - Softcover
Product ID : cbp011
Unit Price: $8.95
A young African American girl tells of her close relationship with her...
The Palm Of My Heart: Poetry By African American Children - Softcover
Product ID : 1-880000-41-5
Unit Price: $8.95
African American children celebrate the beauty of their lives and their...
Seven Spools of Thread: A Kwanzaa Story
Product ID : aw435
Unit Price: $15.95
In an African village live seven brothers who make family life miserable with...
Grandpa's Face - Softcover
Product ID : pu183
Unit Price: $8.95
In this beautifully told story, Tamika learns that despite her grandfather's...
Black, White, Just Right
Product ID : aw0-8075-0785-7
Unit Price: $12.95
Narrated by the daughter of an interracial marriage"by moving beyond physical...
The Story of Kwanzaa
Product ID : hc025
Unit Price: $16.95
It's Kwanzaa time! Light the candles on the Kinara! Fly the bendera, and...
Africa Dream - Softcover
Product ID : hc029
Unit Price: $8.95
An African-American child dreams of long-ago Africa, where she sees animals,...