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CANCIONES DE TI Y MI / Songs of You and Me

CANCIONES DE TI Y MI / Songs of You and Me
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Children's Classic Theme Bilingual Collection
The Children's Classic Theme Bilingual Collection is made up of four CDs, each with 15 or 16 songs in Spanish. The CDs will include English translations where translations work and equivalent songs where translations do not work. Every song is singable, clever and catchy! These CDs are a must for every bilingual classroom as well as any classroom where native English speaking children are learning to speak Spanish.


1. Campanero
2. Si estás feliz de la vida
3.Sabes leer como leo yo?
4. Vicente en el pajar
5. Nuevos amigos
6. El paÍs del dulce
7. Hoy dÍa es el santo
8. Soy de Texas
9. Juntos
10. Mi lucecita
11. Catalina Margarina
12. Ésa es Carmen
13. Son tus orejas tan largas
14. Ven mi bebito
15. Es amor
16. Quien se comió las galletitas de mamá?
17. Vente mi amiga
18. Hombros, rodillas y los pies
19. Abre y cierra

1. Are You Sleeping?
2. If You're Happy and You Know It
3. These Are The Things I Like to Do
4. Farmer in the Dell
5. Make New Friends
6. Have You Been to Candyland
7. Today Is a Birthday
8. I'm a Texas Star
9. Side by Side
10. You are My Sunshine
11. Catalina Magnalina
12. This Is Tiffany
13. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
14. Hush Little Baby
15. Skidamarink
16. Who Took the Cookies?
17. Say, Say My Playmate
18. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
19. Open, Shut Them