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Multicultural Kids is owned and operated by two sisters with a passion - Lynne and Suzee. Our passion is for children and introducing them to the many amazing cultures of our earth. Our passion is also for children to understand and engage with children that have different abilities, or to embrace their life as it is if they have challenges that most other children don't.

We are both moms of multi-racial children, and want to expose them to the beauties of all cultures. We want to give them a rich palette of experiences and knowledge to draw on throughout their lives; and we want that for as many children as possible.

Multicultural Kids provides resources for language learning (both foreign language and English), cultural and diversity awareness, adoption, unique family situations, character building, different abilities and illness, being peaceful and green, and numerous educational resources. Our product offerings include books,
arts and crafts, dolls, puppets, DVDs, games, flashcards, puzzles, music and storytelling CDs, posters and wall art, stationery, journals and more. They are all amazing resources for parents, educators or anyone who has the best interest of a child in mind. We continue to add to our merchandise to bring you the freshest ideas, while always keeping up to the standard of choosing not by trends, but by products we feel will truly encourage children to be their best selves.

Our products encourage the inborn acceptance we have of others, and make children feel comfortable with and appreciate others differences; through that celebration of diversity they will see how we're all really very alike.

We would also like to let you know that we are available to assist you in your purchasing decisions a personal basis; for a new classroom, library, or school. Whether it's for the upcoming unit you need to put together, or to prepare for the new school year, we are so happy to do the research for you. We have numerous vendors to meet almost any need for the classroom or child-related non-profit. The suppliers we work with have materials for any subject matter imaginable (well beyond multicultural issues - like science, math, etc). See our link for purchasing assistance.

We encourage product feedback and ideas. Just email us at info@multiculturalkids.com.

Thank you for visiting & peace today... Lynne & Suzee

Lynne and Suzee