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The Thunderstruck Stork

The Thunderstruck Stork
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Webster the stork is proud of his work delivering animal babies. But when he crashes into a hot-air balloon, something goes wrong in his head. Soon the bats are brought a young moose, the sparrows get a piglet, and two tiny frog parents receive an enormous newborn elephant! Can this mess ever be fixed?

This wise and delightful story shows what really makes a family. Lynn Munsinger's comical illustrations are the perfect complement to David J. Olson's hilarious rhyming tale of this mixed-up stork.

David J. Olson

Lynn Munsinger


Published 2007

Age Levels 4-7, Grades Preschool-2, 32 Pages, 8" x 10", Illustrations: Full Color

"Told in verse that rolls along with the momentum of a boat upon a merry sea, this tale of a confused stork teaches that "jumbled up" families can be the best families of all. While soaring across the sky one evening, Webster the stork collides with a hot-air balloon, knocking his brain "out of whack." Soon, frog parents find themselves raising an elephant baby, sharks welcome a chirping chick, and spiders learn to care for a not-so-petite monkey....Munsinger's simple watercolors of smiling creatures keep the tone sweet and foreshadow the happy ending, even when readers may fear that "normal" will prevail. Libraries will find a market for this affirmation of unconventional families, though younger listeners who simply love a good animal tale will find much to appreciate here as well. The Thunderstruck Stork is sure to draw discussion, and is best shared between parent and child." School Library Journal

"Much of the reason this rhymed, topsy-turvy saga feels honest and natural is that Olson's verse is never forced. Each word has a purpose, be it sheer entertainment or an enticement to the imagination...Munsinger's artwork is winsome and tactile:you want to grab the hippos' great fleshy snouts and give them a good squeeze. Arching over the whole muddle is the security of unconditional love. Hence, the next time young readers behave like rogue elephants in a family of damselflies, they will understand that such things happen and no one's going to be thrown from the nest." Kirkus Reviews

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