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Let There Be Peace On Earth

Let There Be Peace On Earth
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In this thought provoking collection, Jeremy Brooks brings together a global ring of prayers to help remind us that peace begins with each of us, one by one. The prayers : ranging from Christian prayers in Northern Ireland to Shinto prayers in Japan, from the Baha'i tradition in Iran to Native American prayers in the USA : bring together the world's major religions in one united plea for understanding.

Hardcover: 32 pages
Jeremy Brooks (Compiler)
Jude Daly (Illustrator)

From Booklist:
Starting with the cover image of multicultural figures curving around the earth, this picture-book collection of prayers sends universal messages of peace and global unity. Brooks, an English vicar, has pulled from diverse religious traditions on pages that feature Muslim, Native American, Jewish, Christian, Baha'i, Shinto, and Sikh prayers. Almost all of the selections are simple, immediate, and rhythmic, and some of the most powerful entries are written by children living in zones of conflict. Adults may wonder about a few attributions, as in two anonymous messages that "were written during the 1990s conflict, Bosnia"; an author's note describing sources would have been welcome. Daly's delicately rendered, brightly hued paintings greatly increase the impact of the words in scenes that acknowledge the realities of war even as they promote peace, as in one spread of soldiers fighting, while in the foreground, figures shake hands next to rainbow flags. Children of many backgrounds will be stirred by these prayers, which close with a call to action: "Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me!" Preschool-Grade 3. :Gillian Engberg